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Any question you wish or may have kindly read our FAQ knowledge base for possible questions asked and our response to them. If you are not okay or do not find any one relating to your then you can message us through the support team

Straight forward answer--ads So that people can be serious in promotion.From Our vast experience- and you too can agree with us - People generally don't take free businesses seriously especially when it has to do with promoting some service.They are either too tired to promote,or would rather put off promotion until the next day!(Afterall it is free ,No money on the line!).With these lukewarm promotions,The much needed exposure we need will be lacking,resulting to low volume of revenue generation and subsequently inability to pay up accumulated Members earnings.NO ! We don't want that and neither DO you. So subscribing with a fee is Very important !

Simple.Click on the Join now button.Fill up the form provided with your correct details.Upon Successful Sign Up,Login and Provide your facebook Profile Url(So we can track your posting activities on your timeline ), Your bank account information (so you can withdraw your earnings)Ensure Your bank account name is the same name used in opening your FORTMOND account to avoid non-payment or delay in payment. .Last But not least, you will be asked to buy Coupon Code to your account before you start earning 

Login to your Dashboard.Click on the promote and earn tab in the menu.On the Next Page Click the promote button and follow the simple instructions. We will Pay You once your product link is clicked at least once.

Then too bad ! Your friend will be missing out on a great great deals and offers. You need not worry because we will still pay you your daily bonus as long as you posted the Product Link accordingly.

Oh yes, you will.You might have not been Paid on other online platforms .But on Our platform You will get paid ASAP. You've worked for your money, and you can be sure we'll stop at nothing to ensure you get paid. No. Matter. What.If we dont Pay you,wetin we gain ? A good name is better than silver and gold, and we will not do anything to tarnish our reputation. Once You earn up to the minimum for your subscription plan, Request for Payment and get paid every penny, I mean every dollar!

As fast as when you are subscribing.It took you less than 5 minutes to subscribe and make payment.So why should we delay much longer when its time to pay you. Like we said before Once You earn up to the minimum for your subscription plan, Request for Payment and receive your payment within minutes! If payment takes longer than few minutes,maybe we hare having failed transactions and trust us, we will keep retrying until the payment is successful.

Wow. We absolutely love that.Go ahead and refer Your friends and be rewarded extra Bonuses in cash,brand new smartphones, laptops and lots more ! The bigger we are, the better !Have it at the back of your mind that, Referring friends is totally optional, but when you do so, it helps us grow .We're all about growing as big as possible and as fast as possible because the bigger we grow the better and easier we serve you !

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Yes you can contact us when you are confused about something and when you have issues to be attended to, what you just need to do is to contact us with the details below. 

Call - 07042839990
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